Canberra Ultimate Frisbee

A screenshot of the Canberra Ultimate App

Project Brief

The objective of this project was to create a solution for users of the Canberra Ultimate frisbee website, so that they could access relevant information easily, effectively and in a short amount of time.

User Testing

The project began with a round of user surveys to determine the kinds of tasks that Frisbee Players use the website to complete and what the pain points are for achieving these tasks. Based on these users, a new Information architecture was drafted to be used in a round of Treejack testing. After a round of Treejack testing with the new IA, it became clear that the site contained more content than the average user was looking for and to best meet the brief, I decided to switch direction and develop an app which would incorporated all the features of the website that are used weekly into one convenient program for users.

Try it out!

This is the link to the Figma prototype for the application interface.